VW golf - rumbling noise

VW golf - rumbling noise



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Saturday 11th July 2020
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Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. I have a golf 2L GT TDI 2005 and recently when going above 40mph I hear a rumbling noise, no blow on exhaust, wheel bearings have been checked, no noise when idling. Does anyone have any thoughts on what it could be?



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Thursday 16th July 2020
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Can often be tyres - run your hand along the tread - if the blocks are serrated, it will cause a sound similar to worn wheel bearings


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Thursday 16th July 2020
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As said above, probably caused by abnormal wear on the rear tyres. Golf MK5s and other models based on the same platform are prone to this.


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Friday 17th July 2020
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Do you have matching tyres? Any signs of unusual wear on any of them? Have you checked your tyre pressures?