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Dear Lorry Drivers


reckless st

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Sunday 7th October 2012
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jmorgan said:
reckless st said:
since this topic continues to escalate my view as a proffesional driver is
1)the days of proffesional drivers are diminishing because drivers of today only take these jobs because they have lost thier original jobs so do this as a 2nd or 3rd option
2)training is inadequate
3)companies treat drivers as third class citizens you pay peanuts you get monkeys..hence the lack of proffesionalism in this sector
4) no proffesionalism equals drivers of today dont give f**k for any other road users
this is just my opinion being one of a dying breed of professionals
This is something that am not sure was ever there, knights of the road etc. I wonder if the increasing traffic loads push us all together and peoples perceptions were never there in reality as we get a closer view? Maybe a few years ago there were less wagons and this issue was not as visible.

Wonder what the pay rates are, the recent tanker dispute showed us that some driver on on a good whack. (I did say some, not all or the majority before I beaten to death with a Yorkie). Certainly a life on the road may not be for all people but I know a few that like it.

With regards training, never done any myself but observations of a lot of drivers (car and lorry) in a lot of circumstances indicates what ever test they took, they have forgotten or neglect to take note of. Don't think that is a singular fault.

Either way, back on topic. I find it easier to sit back and chill out when this happens to me. There are so many other muppets on the road, this is a small thing in comparison when I think of the end result, which is stuff on the shelves when I want it.
In years past knights of the road did exist my granddad was actually awarded one
my father has the certificate hung on his wall

transport of one kind or another has been in my family for generations hence classing myself as a proffesional


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Monday 8th October 2012
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Ah. I see.

It was something I often wondered about as I had not really heard about it until the internet so was not sure of the provenance of the term. However, I still think the crowded road have eroded what was there before.


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Monday 8th October 2012
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I noticed that standards dropped massively between 2007 and 2010. When I asked about this, I was told that the huge influx of Eastern European drivers was the cause.


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Monday 8th October 2012
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ZR1cliff said:
One thing that amazes me, is the amount of drivers, of all types of vehicles, who keep their foot firmly planted on the accelerator pedal when a situation ahead of them is starting to develop.
Typical knobheads not looking past the end of their own nose, that'll be 90% of road users then.


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Monday 8th October 2012
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R0G said:
This whole situation is daft when you think about it - we spend years building more powerful trucks and then accept limiters being put on them !!

Exit the EU = exit limiters
I agree with this. If you impose stupid rules, you will get situations like 'Elephant racing' If the lorries were allowed a decent speed limit nobody would have a problem.
Blame nobody but the cretinous polititions who impose the rules.