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Thursday 15th April
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First time poster I will admit cars aren’t a passion of mine so forgive any ignorance.

My father passed away a year ago. He was passionate about cars and also collected Motorsport magazine. He has a collection dating from the early 60s right up until last year.

I’m at a loss as to what to do with them. There’s 20 heavy boxes full of them, the early issues are bound into books.

I’ve looked into selling them, but eBay seems to be the only real option and selling individual issues to collectors who maybe missing one or two. I don’t really want to do this as it’ll be time consuming and a pain.

I do want to keep some of them as a memory of my father. He treasured the collection.

We are planning to move house soon and ideally I don’t want to lug all of them with me.
Would there be any other logical way of moving them on? I’ve tried with motor museums but they either don’t want them or again want one or two issues to complete a collection.
I’d be happy to gift them to a collector if they were to give them a happy home.


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Friday 16th April
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Hi there - sorry for your loss.
I’d be happy to take these off your hands. I have just bought a load of them on eBay (80s-early 00s - I was the only bidder and they went for a £1 per year, just to give you some idea).
Did he leave any other car magazines?