Anyone using tarox calipers?

Anyone using tarox calipers?



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Thursday 10th January
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If so, what pads do you recommend?

We are racing a gt86 cup which has been problematic on standard discs and calipers. Picked up some tarox b32 6 pots for free which are handily the same as what comes with tarox’s own bbk kit, so planning to pair them with wrx sti grooved discs (direct fit) with brackets made to suit.

I wanted pfc 97 pads but seems they don’t do them for a tarox caliper, and it seems not many other pad manufacturers have an offering either.

A typical weekend for us is a 2-3hr test session, 20min qualy and 2 x 30min sprints. We also run the car on trackdays (3-4 hr lightly traffic’d open pit) and hope to enter 1hr endurance races as well. Hence our preference is for a decent endurance pad rather than all out bite.

Any recommendations for either a pad itself or a company to speak to?


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Saturday 12th January
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Give Paul at Carbon Lorraine a shout for pads.


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Saturday 12th January
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Have a word with Ian at Carbotech, if he doesn't have pads to suit he can make them anyway - he's done me a few sets of custom pads. Pad life is great on XP8 and XP10 but they do an endurance option too.


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Sunday 13th January
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Performance Friction 08 pads are without doubt the best endurance pad out there.