First Timer Suggestions - Goodwood FOS

First Timer Suggestions - Goodwood FOS



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Tuesday 4th December
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Hi All,

My Wife and I are looking to make the trek from NZ over to the UK for Goodwood in 2019 and had a couple of questions we hope anyone that had been to the Festival Of Speed in the previous years could help with.

Obviously the FOS runs for four days, is it best to get tickets to all four days, or just specific days? It looks like day 1 is a goer for seeing cars in the paddock, and day 4 with the shootout cant be missed, but is it worth sticking around for day 2 and 3? Obviously 4 days at Goodwood is a big chunk out of our trip over to the UK, but i wouldn't want to miss out if something awesome normally happens on day 2 or 3.

Im presuming traffic on the days will be shocking around the venue, so getting there early is best, even if just for better parking? If we came from a nearby town (due to accomodation), would it take forever to get there in traffic? How bad is the parking (and it looks like there is allocated areas for parking depending on color, are there enough spots or might one miss out if they arrived late and have to find somewhere else to park)?

Are there any other events around the same time (Early-mid July) in the area that might be worth going to?



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Tuesday 4th December
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Traffic wise, get there before 7.30 and you'll be fine in my experience. Any later and you'll risk a queue that gets huge! The parking itself will be in a field and is well signposted. The car parks are huge so you might have a bit of a walk if you're at the far end but it's not too bad.

As for which days, the Thursday is the best for seeing the cars in terms of how busy, however that said nowadays it's actually not much quieter tbh and a few of the cars aren't there/covered up.

Other than that, the Fri-Sun are pretty much the same in my experience, you just get the shootout on the Sunday.
You can't go wrong with any of them!


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Tuesday 4th December
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Absolutely buy stand seats and ideally opposite the pit entrance before the sharp left handed - this way you can see the cars coming up the hill at their fastest and all of them when they come back down


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Tuesday 4th December
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I only done Sunday last year and it was fine - I never got up to the rally stage though and I did miss some stands/displays. I watched a lot of the shootout though which was brilliant.

Took my missus, who isn’t reeeeally into cars/motorsport and she enjoyed it although I wouldn’t ask her to endure 4 days of it, 2 at a push, unless I was going VIP and hob-nobbing every day with boozy lunches etc.

Traffic, as mentioned, get in before 0800 and you’ll be OK, expect to queue a little though.