Thinking of attending a Sunday Service? Read this first!

Thinking of attending a Sunday Service? Read this first!


Jack Mansfield

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Monday 28th October 2019
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Hi everyone,

As ever, we are always trying to develop the ever popular Sunday Service format. Our aim is to make them bigger and better than ever before, as well as being as frequent as possible.

With this in mind, we try to keep our Sunday Service calendar thread as updated as we can within the constraints of arranging these types of events. You can find this thread at the top of this Sunday Service forum somewhere.

One of the main reasons for doing this is that people not attending Sunday Services is becoming an ever increasing (and extremely selfish) problem. This is incredibly frustrating for us, the venues and more importantly the people that are on the reserves list. Remember that at many venues the hosts provide catering for those who have signed up - no shows cause waste, cost the venues money and damage PH's reputation. And to repeat my point again, it is really selfish and there is absolutely no excuse for it.

However, here are the rules. If you stick to these, you wont have any issues:

1) Only put your name down on the list if you are really quite sure that you can attend. You can now check all the events for the whole year and keep your diary clear.
2) If you can't attend, remove your name immediately. Removing your name after 12pm on the Friday before the event is very much frowned upon. (because by this point you've effectively taken someone else's place as most people will have made plans for their weekend by then). This also gives people a chance to look at a relatively accurate weather forecast before deciding.
3) If you find yourself in exceptional circumstances, simply email me or Ben. We're not unreasonable and are only implementing these rules to make Sunday Services better for everyone.

Thanks everyone - We hope to see lots and lots of you at Sunday Services!

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Monday 28th October 2019
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Fair play, nice work, keep it up thumbup