Subaru vs bike head on collision.

Subaru vs bike head on collision.



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Tuesday 21st April 2020
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Sorry for whataboutism but... and what about all of the other vehicles observed as being unable to retain road position while the investigators were filming? Were they all not looking where they were going? And when (conflicting admittedly) advanced driving techniques fail to address the combination of issues that bend presents at speeds way below the posted limit, then surely there is some reason to take action? The next biker coming up the hill could get a wooden suit.

My point is, changeable pot holes aside, that bend is unusual in terms of the change in elevation direction at the apex (reducing grip) combined with some very significant bumps (unsettling) where the cattle grid used to be. Hence the comparison to Paddock bend at Brands, without such significant bumps (maybe Church at Thruxton for that and that place is as flat as a pancake?). This combination seems to cause many cars to exit on the wrong side of the road, not just the guy in the Scooby who may or may not have been looking at the road properly.

I would suggest that if the LA’s can’t get their act together for chevrons (which based on what I have seen is not the real problem), then a simple solution of a left bend sign (as has now been applied) but with a cheap “Max Speed” addition as I see frequently around Hampshire’s NSL lanes, only to take appropriate extra defensive action and think “what was all that about” afterwards. smile

Whilst as I said earlier, I am against lowest common denominator application of limits, and agree with you on driver responsibility, my view of the actual problem here is based upon the observations and the number of cars that are reported to get it wrong. It is that this innocent looking bend has some complicating factors at or under the marked speed limit whether you see it coming or not, and in my eyes is a prime candidate for a little extra early warning to knock off the speed.

Without getting into children and kittens, how much is a max speed sign? How much is a life? Yes, you can’t do it everywhere as you quite rightly say, but where an issue is identified such as this then just maybe action is appropriate. As has been pointed out, they have now installed the bend sign, but that really does not cover the other issues of lack of grip by change of elevation and the unsettling combination of bumps on an NSL, two way road. Lessons learned and all that, just like the first time I did Paddock at excessive entry speed (oh what a snaky mess of an exit). Best not talk about Church slightly offline at normal speeds. biggrin

As an example of good improvements (which shouldn’t be done everywhere), there was an NSL main road where I used to live that had priority for miles between Winchester and Basingstoke (A30). At the Basingstoke end, the dual carriageway road split and the right lane crossed both sides of another dual carriageway without priority to get to the M3 entry slip road, which one could view as quite unusual. 10s of people were killed and seriously injured over years with ever increasing give way and dual carriageway ahead style signage to the point where it would be impossible to fall off a motorbike and not collect most of it! It wasn’t until they installed traffic lights that the death and injury toll fell. IMHO, a good and necessary redesign of that specific junction after lots of investigations as to why people were consistently getting it wrong and attempts to fix it on the cheap with signage didn’t reduce the incidents.

Edit: Skips. Heheh, my aunt drove into a skip whilst blinded by the sun! She was an absolute liability on the road smile

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