RE: Nissan R34 GT-R Skyline | PH Used Buying Guide

RE: Nissan R34 GT-R Skyline | PH Used Buying Guide



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Friday 27th March
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Matty322 said:
Blackpuddin said:
Yep, the Nissan is a lot less common sight on the roads though and that would be a point in its favour for me.
Mattty321's Z-Tune-alike above is gorgeous.
You're welcome, sorry I was one short on your PH handle!


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Friday 27th March
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No worries.

i am unable to take full credit for the TS 34, but i have done some work to it, replacing a few bits here and there.

i think seeing any Japanese imports on UK roads is a rarity

last time i saw an evo 6, 7 or infact any evo for example, was a very long time ago

Time's move on, family priorities change, etc

shame that most if not nearly all of the car shows scheduled for 2020 are cancelled.


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Friday 27th March
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Never knew about the F-Sports!

I like the GT-R's but i simply can't see/understand why they are worth so much!


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Friday 27th March
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Ah, "Godzilla". I had an R34 (550BHP special) from Middlehurst when I lived in Belgium. Had some great trips to the Ring with Dirk Schoysman too.

The car was great, with the original Playstation center console to see your Gs in real time. My car was a little temperamental so did not quite believe the bulletproof statements from others, I guess anything that is highly tuned needs constant maintenance.


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Friday 27th March
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Titan2 said:
blade7 said:
Love the looks of the R34, a 997 turbo for a lot less money is what I'd buy though.
When you think about it you could buy a 996 GT3 for the starting price of most R34's now and maybe a 997.

But some people would say they are two totally different cars and markets,depends on your perspective and use I guess.
I'd say a 997 turbo has more in common with an R34 than a GT3. With similar power outputs I wonder how they would compare around the Nurburgring.


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Friday 3rd April
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This was the ugliest version of the Skyline series, so a no from me. The R33 was far better looking.


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Saturday 4th April
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I love 32 my favourite car .

Those two are really lovely .
Much better car than 33 ,34 ,35 imo
Just beautiful


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Sunday 5th April
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I got sucked into the ExViTermini universe in the 90s,
Mario and his efforts on the GTR 700 and the whole Jap Tuner scene were documented very well there.
Although GTR 700 is back at Croydon Developments, I have not read about further records.
I should have downloaded the absolutely insane videos that were on this site,
here is a poorer version but still, Nagata doing 200+ in Wangan Tunnel, with flyby.

Leicester Loyal

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Sunday 5th April
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A fantastic car, iconic too. I hadn't realised prices were so high, these are now mega money and unattainable for 98% of people IMO, which is a shame.