RE: 2022 Mazda MX-5 (ND) | PH Review

RE: 2022 Mazda MX-5 (ND) | PH Review



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Tuesday 10th May
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Prefer an electric handbrake but not something that would evacuate toys from my pram. Let’s just be grateful it’s not an SUV, doesn’t weigh two tons and isn’t 90% grille.


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Tuesday 10th May
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robinandcamera said:
You could do what I have done with an ND2, BBR super 220 na tuning kit and then grab the rear end from a manual 124 Abarth from a breakers, that will give you 20% boost in torque at the wheels. It goes well now smile

Sweet colour and wheel combo thumbup


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Tuesday 10th May
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Byker28i said:
cerb4.5lee said:
I have a manual handbrake in the 370Z/M4...but truthfully I'm now at an age where they both may as well have an electric handbrake to be fair. I reckon the last time that I did a handbrake turn was about 30 years ago!

I did think that handbrake turns were cool in my late teens though. cool

Even when I used to slide a car around quite regularly, I would only use the revs and just dump the clutch rather than pulling the handbrake up.
Love it! beer



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Wednesday 11th May
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I have a soft spot for these and would love to try one out (if I’d fit).

They just seem to be a great all round package that hits its target market perfectly. Looks well, nice interior and the new engine means it now has a bit of poke.


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Wednesday 11th May
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Stupid reviewer whi clearly does not get the mx5. Electronic handbrake? Really?

I miss my NC, no not the best car I have driven, but up there in feel good factor. First car I modified as well!

In for the usual ARB, springs and alignment. Fitting AD08R's was the final change making it a wonderful B road or twisting A road car. Part of the charm of the mx5 is revving it out and not obliterating the speed limit and keeping the pace up


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Wednesday 11th May
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Byker28i said:
Reviewer moans about a proper handbrake? It's one of the reasons I have two Mazdas
I got to this point in the article and thought to myself “who wrote this nonsense”, so I went and checked the byline. At that point I decided not to read any more.


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Wednesday 11th May
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What idiot child wrote this silly , patronising tosh ? My ND replaced 20 years of Sevens and feels like a limo in comparison . I've done many 300 mile days without an ache , despite being on the wrong side of 65. Even with a slightly iffy back it is child's play to enter and exit . I have never felt the need to gulp coffee while driving so the cupholders (FFS ) were removed in week one .

Mine has been upgraded over the years and is hoot to drive. And because I'm not eleven years old and don't have too fragile an ego I don't give a fk that many uberhatches can accelerate faster. Who cares? And I don't envy their cupholders , leccy handbrakes or other toys either.


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Wednesday 11th May
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I think the late NC cars look better.


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Wednesday 11th May
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Ah, the usual PH review pile on. Some things don’t ever change. hehe

Would an electronic handbrake create a bit more space for the driver? One would have to sit in one to see, but surely it’s reasonable to reserve judgement before throwing the baby out with the bath water.


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Wednesday 11th May
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Leithen said:
Ah, the usual PH review pile on. Some things don’t ever change. hehe

Would an electronic handbrake create a bit more space for the driver?


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Wednesday 11th May
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griffdude said:
LBW2020 said:
i love the looks of these cars, just wish it had about 250hp and 250 ftlb, then i think they would be truly epic.
My NB has 240hp & really is epic??
My NC has 240hp & is also epic.

Nicolas Lazar

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Wednesday 11th May
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Love it. No screens - love it twice.


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Wednesday 11th May
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Pflanzgarten said:
I often wonder if there are any MX-5 ex-owners out there who don't still hold a soft spot for these little cars. Certainly not the best car I've owned, in fact not even the best little roadster I've ever owned (step forward MR2 Spyder) but they just do driving so very well-and for PH'rs they take to subtle improvements just as well too-just in case it's not as you wish from the factory.

Mazda need to be commended for keeping with it, we'll miss it when it's gone.
Full disclosure is that we had a 1.8 Enos Mk1 import for 10 years, sold it when it got to 16 years old and needed some welding doing on the sills but still ran brilliantly. We replaced it with a new NC sportstech with full roof in 2010 which we still have.

Currently working from home it gets little use, but it's probably not worth much and we can't bear to part with it. It's in no way fast, perhaps brisk, but roof down, small car for town parking, fun on the A and B roads (noisy at motorway speeds), but so reliable. Only thing we replaced was the Bose sound system because the amp blew and it was cheaper to replace the facia with a 2din one and fit a pioneer system, fully phone compatible, than get the amp repaired or a new one from Mazda.

ND's look brilliant, more power, lighter


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Wednesday 11th May
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Here’s my ND2 on some local roads where it’s enjoying itself very much. Mine’s lowered with spacers which has improved the handling quite a bit and I also have the louder BBR exhaust which adds quite a lot to the experience. I think it’s probably the most fun car I’ve ever owned.

Highway Star

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Wednesday 11th May
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I started looking at NDs when I realised the lack of telescopic adjustment on the steering wheel meant I couldn't drive an Abarth Spider. I tried to spec up a brand new soul red 2.0 ND to as near Abarth spec (so GT Sport Tech+ and alcantara bits etc) as possible and it came to nearly £34k.

So I bought one of the last registered 30th anniversary NDs, second hand but lightly used for a lot less - it has all the nice interior bits, plus Brembos, Bilsteins, lightweight alloys and the previous owner put dealer option Eibachs on and it had almost a year of warranty when I bought it. I love the colour. It's not too small inside - I'm over 6'2'' and can get plenty comfortable for longer journeys and there are places for three drinks if you so desire (and buy the cupholders), not just one.

Its low, light, plenty fast enough for me, the gear change is brilliant and you can thrash it on normal roads and not risk getting yourself into trouble. It feels like a proper little sports car, it reminds me of the S4 Alfa Spider a friend used to have, which is exactly what I wanted when I bought it.


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Wednesday 11th May
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The ND2 2.0 ragtop is a fantastic sportscar.

Light, open top, short manual gear, LSD and rear drive which may come alive when cornering enthusiastically, great driving position, awesome night visibility if you have the led adaptive lights. Nice 4-pot revvy engine. Quite comfortable, decent luggage space - very very usable for school runs, commute, trips - and still trackable if you don't suffer from power envy.

Realistically, the opportunities to sensibly use a lot of power on England's road are very limited.

Mazda's own lowered springs and a good geometry (thanks BBR!) improve the handling and steering feel.
BBR exhaust improves the soundtrack. And they sell you power hikes if you want them...

I now have had it for 4 years after an Elise (which I ran for 10+ years) and a GT86.
All have their own compromises. I miss them both but in a real-world when having just one sportscar biggrin is already a blessing, I would not go back.

In the Elise having an adult passenger was always annoying!
I love the Mazda's cabin width compared to the Elise, so that two people can sit comfortably.
Of course, the Elise steering was not just in a league of its own, it was from another planet ! And the sense of occasion of the Elise had no price.
The GT86 too had a much better steering than the MX5. It also had the ability to turn off the assistances (bar ABS) via its pedal dance and an overall balance that made even me feel a driving super-god on track.
The engine torque dip was annoying but bearable. However it lacked an open top - my real reason to switch to the Mazda, which is just as fun to drive on the road.

Boxsters are undoubtedly nice, but I think for the price of a Boxster one can run both an MX5 and a VW campervan, and then I LOL ...

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Wednesday 11th May
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Talk about a review damning the car with faint praise.
The reference to it not being a Boxster made me chuckle as mine reminds me of my old 987.
Whilst not as fast it’s certainly not slow either.I find driving it a bloody scream.


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Wednesday 11th May
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My ND owned from new had two cupholders. There are three slots for these - two behind elbow and one by the gear lever in the passenger footwell.

The reduced body roll obviously helps the target market of latte drinking commuters can enjoy this car more.

It also had a CD player which was endearing.


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Wednesday 11th May
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My Mrs had an ND RF. Previously I had an NC, but I never got on with the ND, it didn’t handle anything like as well. Had it not been bought from new I’d have said it had been in a crash, but we got all the alignment checked and it was bang on. Weird.


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Wednesday 11th May
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edo111s said:
awesome night visibility if you have the led adaptive lights.
I've had mine 18 months and have literally own just realised how these work. I thought they were just auto-dipping and I thought they were knackered because I'd lowered the car. Haha, what a numpty.

I've also only just realised it has a touchscreen when you're not moving.