Lower unsprung weight, what is the advantage?

Lower unsprung weight, what is the advantage?



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Saturday 6th September 2014
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Thanks. That's interesting. I've always been keen to lose unsprung weight, and realised I had the perfect opportunity with
My Mini Cooper.
I decided to change from Pirelli RunFlats to continentals on the front so I could dyno test the difference. I weighed the wheels and tyres and the continental premium contact 2 was 3.6kg per wheel lighter.
I did three runs on each for consistency and found that on average the lighter tyres delivered and extra 2hp.
As I was only testing the front then the equivalent could be applied to all four when on the road so a total of 14.4kg reduction in unsprung weight and rotational mass resulted in a total of 4hp increase in performance. Not to mention the far improved handling and comfort too.
Has anyone else done similar tests and found the same?