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RE: Driven: Bentley Mulsanne

RE: Driven: Bentley Mulsanne



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Thursday 24th June 2010
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Have just looked at both the Bentley and the Ghost on the same day and find neither particularly appealing visually. The Bentley looks almost like they were trying to copy the Phantom in some ways and the Ghost is a "shrink" phantom but, by doing that the proportions don't work. Both do have lovely interiors and the Ghost one was bigger than I expected.

All in all I am with those who would take the moeny and buy a used Phantom AND an Arnage and cover both worlds (after all a gentleman does need to have at least one Rolls-Royce and one Bentley).


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Thursday 24th June 2010
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WILL_T said:
I'm sure it is a great car but does it look £200K special scratchchin no nono
Yes wink

tongue out


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Thursday 24th June 2010
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I've worked it out. The Mulsanne looks mildly surprised, whereas the Ghost looks like it would devour your children if left alone with them.

Ghost for me.