Cayman aircon not working

Cayman aircon not working



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Sunday 13th June
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I looked at a Cayman today that had a problem with the air-conditioning, basically it wasn’t working. Does anyone know the approximate cost (best bad worst case) to resolve this - guess it could be condensers X pipes etc?

I did notice a faint radiator smell when I got out the car after having driven in it. I’m just wondering if this is the air-conditioning radiator and also the engine radiator breaking down and needing replacement perhaps? I think I read somewhere one is located behind the other?



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Sunday 13th June
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Front axle out, cross over pipes plus AC pipes front to back, receiver dryer, regas, about £1400 from a specialist in June last year (2008 987).


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Sunday 13th June
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I went the DIY route a two months ago (x-over was fine), it's an easy job. This was on a 2010 987.2.

Aircon repair kit - £265
2 x Air Con Radiators NRF Brand
4 x Rubber O-rings for radiators
1 x Desicator
2 x Rubber O-rings for dessicator

OEM o-rings - approx £20

Pressure test to confirm leak location - £90
Regass - £60

Total - £435

It wouldn't put me off a purchase but I'd expect a discount.


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