430 coupe or spider

430 coupe or spider



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Monday 24th February
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xcentric said:
great photo; lovely car
Thank you.

Coming back to the mileage question, I don’t know if higher miles are less of an issue for Calis but I would suspect so. Take a look at the F355 thread and note that people are still obsessing about mileage on a 25-30 year old car. That fate definitely awaits the F430 and may or may not await the Cali. My point is that I can’t guarantee that the Cali is less mileage sensitive than the F430 but for sure, it won’t be any worse.

I note your car history is fairly hardcore and I would warn you now that the Cali is much softer than the likes of a caterham or Elise (or F430 for that matter).

The driving position is higher so be prepared for it to feel more like a GT than a track escapee. The flip side is that it handles sleeping policemen and car park ramps with aplomb (no scraping or bottoming our anxiety). The gearbox is awesome and the folding tin roof completely transforms the car. Although it has a lower power to weight ratio than the F430, it accelerates just as quickly as the F430 due to the faster shifting of the DCT box.

Oh - one final thing. The Cali 30 is more desirable than the standard Cali. Even more so if you can find one with the Handling Speciale (HS) pack. If you can get a good deal on a 30, that might be a way to improve you chances in the depreciation game.


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Monday 24th February
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Ok thanks for the info. When there might be the chance of some asphalt and not a canal, I'll head out to look and drive.....