Huracan help - 1st time buyer - owner advice please

Huracan help - 1st time buyer - owner advice please



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Saturday 13th March
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Superleg48 said:
So, you are now dismissing the V10 altogether? Ok, then if I were you, I would go for a an Aventador SV.
I think so, if people came on here and said there was very little between them then it’d be hard to justify the V12, but saying that sounds like its a money vs value thing which it absolutely isnt for me, so why was i even considering the V10?

I guess getting the most value from cars has been my journey with cars thus far so a hard habit to drop as its always paid dividends through ownership for me, over 100s of cars ive owned there was only one i regret and it wasnt the cars fault but mine, i bought an immaculate low mileage italian that became a garage queen that i hated getting dirty, i guess i fear a V12 Lambo might become the same, i do wander wether a higher mileage, properly used V12 might be an answer for me tbh.

Coming on here and talking your way though it finds the right path, ive always yearned to own Lambo, never the other 2 poster boys ferrari or porsche, it was always the most outrageous, daring design (vector, koenig converted cars etc) so it has to be the V12 doesnt it, i need to walk to the garage open the door and think fek me thats unbelievable! not, that looks good but it has the same engine as the R8 i had, jump in and drive it and it sounds the same to.

what I dont want is for that unbelievable ownership thing to be destroyed by it breaking down or being unreliable in any way, i dont cope with inconvenience or unreliability as well any more as i spend more and more on cars. i know i will expect it to be dependable, maybe not a well used car then! maybe buy as new as possible and commit to just using it whatever the consequences, approach with a proper old school petrol head attitude like ive always had and ignore how much ive spent.

zedmtrappe said:
LeroyLooser said:
I think using a Diablo in anger at a track is more likely to result in failure, dont you think? I know the track isn’t really the V12s party trick but i would like to play once in a while and when i do.. id like to push it hard and at least get back to the hotel.
Yep... did a few track days - twice at Spa & Le Mans Bugatti .

Was brilliant fun but as you say it certainly was not the cars forte.

Braking was the main weak point, one hottish lap of spa and brake fade was horrendous ( that was with upgraded pads & braided hoses)

( a spin at La Source was also a stark reminder about how quick these cars can get away from you with no warning & no chance of recovery..!)

Murci might be better in that regard if you get an AWD version.

What I am saying is: if the Diablo is your ultimate dream, then so far you have not offered up enough evidence to dismiss it in my opinion!
Maybe its some of the old adage ‘dont meet your hero’

the Diablo would be to much of a looks based purchase from a childhood dream, dynamically i doubt it would live up to my expectations now as its 20 years since ive driven one and things have moved on massively, the gap between the Diablo & Murci is quite big dynamically, durability even more so.

I was watching some videos between the 3 last night and the Murci still sounds old school in its noise just like the diablo and countach, more mechanical in its wailing and with its changing of gear being slow enough to get real separation in the different pitches like an old school racing car, the AV absolutely doesnt get that with its immediate changes and with this being an exercise in theatre as much as anything, i think the Murci hits the sweet spot between the 3 V12s.


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Monday 24th May
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I was looking at this car recently, did you ever go and see it, dig into its history or talk to the owner ?


tigertiger12 said:
After looking at this car numerous times now, I have just noticed that some of the pics are without the rear spoiler, This is obviously an after market wing and wondering if it is an original lambo wing or made by another company.
Here are some pic, I have edited only to remove the number plate. Car is on autotrader for £138k less a tenner.

Just wondering what your views are on this wing or what questions I should ask in addition to the ones below. Or anything else I have missed.

1. When was the wing installed.
2. Who installed the wing.
3. Is this an original lambo wing, if not who is the manufacturer.

This car does stand out, the seller has other cars but this is their most expensive by a long margin.