1000+hp cars for CPOP parade

1000+hp cars for CPOP parade



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Tuesday 28th April 2015
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If your car has over 1000+hp and want to join the CPOP parade on Friday, simply upload a pic of your car with the details at the bottom and then get voting. Simple as that.
The chosen lot will be given four complimentary day tickets for the event and the drivers will also be invited to the racing club for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea courtesy of the Marquess of Cholmondeley.
Voting will close on 15th May.

Details for 1000+hp parade:
Make and Model:
Power output:
Why it should be included (Keep to 100 words or less):

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Wednesday 29th April 2015
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I reckon you should pop this in the drag forum too and see if any of the Street Eliminator guys are up for it


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