WEC 6 Hours Spa 2018 - any tips?

WEC 6 Hours Spa 2018 - any tips?



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Friday 29th December 2017
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simonhole said:
having been to Spa 6 hrs last year,be aware of the dreadful traffic around Brussels,and also Antwerp, i would be finding out about roadworks in both Cities,and you need to be very paitent and be prepared to sit in jams for a long time
Living in Antwerp myself, I can confirm this to be absolutely true! biggrin


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Saturday 30th December 2017
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Take a look at this thread, full.of good info and feedback


Mountain Man

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Sunday 31st December 2017
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One thing to add, if you want photography, there are a load of pre cut windows in the fence. Overall I find it a very good circuit to photograph at

On the outside of Brussels there is a fantastic spot.


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Tuesday 9th January
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I've had an email through from Belgian Ticketmaster, 7 days to go on the early bird ticket price, 26 euros for a weekend ticket, which is jolly reasonable (it's only 36 on the gate though)