Le Mans 2018 some questions from a complete novice

Le Mans 2018 some questions from a complete novice



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Monday 8th January
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Support classes will be on track on Thursday morning, but the place will be fairly quiet.


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Monday 8th January
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Last year the museum was free if you had a ge ticket, i went in just to get out of the heat (been many times in the last 34 years), it was nice to enjoy the air conditioning, exhibits do change each year but if you have never been give it 2 hours to look around at the race cars and other motoring stuff, the history of some of the famous divers is very interesting and plenty of things to drawl over. If you are staying at the circuit then thursday is a good day to go as will get busy saturday and sunday.


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Tuesday 9th January
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I went to the museum for the first time this year on the Friday, after the pit lane walkabout near to mid day, wasn't too busy, its big enough to not notice, had no issues, will do the same time this year

Tyre Smoke

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Tuesday 9th January
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OP, don't know if anyone has said it yet, but there will be next to nothing happening from the Sunday before until probably the Wednesday. So this is a good time to get out and have a bit of a drive around.

I've never bothered with the Great British Welcome, I've always thought it was a lot of faff to get to and a load of nasal middle aged men discussing the finer points of a Mk4 or Mk5 Flibber fitted to their Morgan/TVR/Truimph/Alvis.
I'd do the pit walk on Friday morning and the museum afterwards. Whoever suggested the museum would take two hours must walk incredibly slowly!

Worth going into Le Mans on the Friday afternoon, the Driver's parade is worth a look, but becomes a bit boring with drivers in classic cars driving slowly through the city centre and the crowds don't allow much of a view. That said, if that's your thing, it's worth doing.

As said before, Sunday night isn't a problem to stay over, but (and I've never camped on BSJ) apparently any space becomes a free for all for douhnuts, and general drunken hoonery. Security and 'Les Flics' seem to all magicallt disappear around 1500hrs on the Sunday afternoon.

Basically, just take things at your own pace (you won't see all of everything you want to on your first visit) and be very mindful of your own personal security - wallet, tickets, passport,etc. Don't leave anything out that you are not prepared to have stolen. Not that there are thieves everywhere, there aren't. But every year the stories of thefts from tents and pickpocketing seem to increase.


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Tuesday 9th January
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Best advice I could offer any first timer is don't over plan anything. Just go with the flow, try not to fit it all in as this will not be your only visit. We still see something new every year.


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Tuesday 9th January
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Been 10 years on beausejour. Sunday evening is relatively fine nowadays with most people relaxing after a busy few days. Some hijinks but generally good natured


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Thursday 11th January
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Agree about bsj, I’ve used it 6 years out of the eight I’ve been and, while it’s lively it’s still a great campsite, great advise about staying chilled and not doing everything in your first year, you will go back so enjoy it at a leisurely pace.


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Friday 12th January
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FredericRobinson said:
Then again I arrive on the Sunday each year and spend 95% of my time outside of the race sat on the campsite drinking beer and talking rubbish, enjoy the event in the way that suits you, I think this year will be my 15th and I've still never seen the start or finish of the race from the main drag for example, but I'll still watch 20 hours of racing, and my year revolves around June. I reckon it took us 3 or 4 years to figure things out, since then it's been the same routine with a few refinements, which is how I like it.
This sounds very familiar.
We have grown to a fairly big setup over the years, and now have marquees, TV/Sky, fridge-freezers, Outback gas BBQ etc. For us, it's a chance for a bunch of car-loving mates to get away together and enjoy the wider atmosphere of being at the race.

We always pick a collective team to support in each class, and will generally make a point of seeing the start from Tertre Rouge come rain or shine - but we aren't the obsessive types who will be glued to the circuit for as many of the 24 hours as possible. We'll probably see the race from 5-6 different points through its course, for up to an hour at a time - and the thrill is real every year.
However, as a group we're busy and don't as much of each other as we did in our 20s - so we get maximum enjoyment out of hanging out in our marquees, eating/drinking and playing beerpong (on our full-size pingpong table!), while the race/analysis plays on the TV.

Is Le Mans the same for everyone? Absolutely not.
Do we enjoy it any less than the diehards? I couldn't imagine anything more fun than our version of Le Mans.