Same as last year, put details of how, when and where you are travelling from the UK to France.

Don't just put your name at the bottom of the day list!!

Please insert name in the corresponding time slot so that all crossing times read from earliest to latest on a given day.

Friday 1st June

Chasingracecars Pompy Caen Ferry 08:15 P38 and Caravan Houx

Wednesday 6th June
Vincegail Antwerp Beaumont sur Sarthe/Le Mans Car on Highway 07:00 Volvo V70 Stationwagon Beaumont sur Sarthe/Tertre Rouge

Saturday 9th June

Engineerhere Portsmouth Caen Ferry 0815 American RV Garage Vert
Geoffp66 Poole Cherbourg Ferry 08.30 VW CC Tertre Rouge
Caterbroon Folkestone Calais Tunnel 09.00 Mercedes E350 Porsche Curves
FredericRobinson Folkestone Calais Tunnel 15.00 Renault Trafic Tertre Rouge
chrisring Plymouth Roscoff Ferry 22.00 Volvo S40 Mulsanne

Sunday 10th June

4StringBass Folkestone Calais Tunnel 09.20 Skoda Superb Estate Tertre Rouge
Printertosh Folkestone Calais Tunnel 20.20 Swift Motorhome + VW T4 Camper Tertre Rouge
JimmyLM & Henners B Newhaven Dieppe DFDS 23:00 Seriously old camper Mulsanne

Monday 11th June

E36GUY Portsmouth Le Harve Ferry 23:30 Merc eClass Est AREA-24

Tuesday 12th June

Slartibartfast Folkstone Calais Eurotunnel 05:50 Honda Civic estate AREA-24
Oldwolf Dover Calais Ferry McFerry 07:25 MX5 NA Spay
GT6 Dover Calais Eurotunnel 07.50 Daimler SV8 Tertre Rouge
Ellroy, simples et al Dover Calais Eurotunnel 07:50 991GTS & some BMW or other Chateaux Houx
OPoole Portsmouth Caen Ferry 08:15 Octavia VRS Tertre Rouge
Mad Mike+Gloster Newhaven Dieppe DFDS 09:00 981 BSJ
spikey +Ali Newhaven Dieppe DFDS 09:00 z4si BSJ
Mike H Newhaven Dieppe DFDS 09:00 F-coupe BSJ
turbo-ww Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 09:50 993 Turbo + V8 Vantage Secteur 8&9 bis
tifatman Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 09:50 VW California Club Valan
Gander101 Folkstone Calais Eurotunnel 10:20 GT3 Off Site
The Gulp Gang (JT3K + 15) Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 12:20 E34 540iT/6, 370Z, Ferrari Mondial, 5?? Touring, Boxster, Van Bleu Sud
Vette_1978 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 14:20 Corvette Pace Car, 911, BMW Ring barge, Jaaaggggg Off site
Tyre Smoke Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 14:45 Range Rover Sport + Sterling TA Houx
coleo Newhaven Dieppe DFDS 18:00 M140i + 330D Expo
Output Flange Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 22:45 E28 M5 Bleu Sud
BeeGT + 4 Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 22:45 Hymer camper, A6 Avant Tertre Rouge
Ramona Portsmouth Le Havre Brittany Ferries 23:30 E93 M3
ascmjc portsmouth caen brittany ferries 22.30 Lotus Elise 220 Cup Chateau Chanteloup
Gman2207 Portsmouth Le Havre Brittany Ferries 23:30 RS Megane 250 Houx Annexe
TransverseTight+Those Chaps Portsmouth Le Havre Brittany Ferries 23:30 Passat GTE Estate, 911, FiestaST, Elise, Ducati 848,+ 4 more Garage Vert

Wednesday 13th June

FolkestoneCalaisEurotunnel18.16BMW 340iOff-site|
L99JKB Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 01:23 E81 1 Series Garage Vert
MrBaker Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 05.50 Transit Bleu Sud
99dndd Dublin Paris Beauvais Ryanair/TGV 06:25 n/a Thomas Cook Sport
Flattotheboards Dover Calais P&O 06:40 BMW 120d Team Langoustine
//j17 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 06.50 Triumph Spitfire + TVR Tuscan S SpeedChills Bleu Sud
49Neil Dover Calais P&O 07:25 Boxster GTS Travel Destinations
Surveyor Dover Calais P&O 07:25 Transit Custom + Tin Shack BSJ
RL17 Dover Calais P&O 07:25 V8Vantage Village on the curves
joekarter Dover Calais P&O 07:25 E46 Tourer La Suze
nick_johnson Folkestone Calais EuroTunnel 07:50 Porsche Boxster S Camping Des Vaugeons
moleC63 Folkestone Calais EuroTunnel 07:50 Mercedes C63 AMG Camping Des Vaugeons
Slomo_uk Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:50 Chrysler 300c Tourer Team Langoustine
Perdu Poole Cherbourg Brittany Ferries 08.00 MG Midget Bleu Nord
Nigel_O & 2 sons Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 08:15 Volvo XC60 Travel Destinations
morgs_ & mates Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 08:15 Triumph TR6/TVR Tamora/Fiesta ST PH Bleu Nord
Jon, Graham & Jim Dover Calais P&O 08:25 Octavia vRS Maison Blanche
MCSV8 + navigator Dover Calais P&O 08:25 Aston Martin V8 (1977) Houx
Simon (NNH) + Alex Dover Calais P&O 08:25 Percy the 24' motorhome Houx
ollie2017uk Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 08:50 2017 S3, Navara, Transit Van Houx
jos notstoppen + 3 Newhaven Dieppe DFDS 09:00 Nissan 350z + Campervan Houx
Jenga and Jo Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 09:20 Audi A6 Travel Destinations
Ben Jk/Mike H/Mike O Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 09:20 BMW 320D Travel Destinations
Martin and Linda Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 09:20 Carrera S Travel Destinations
CJA Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 10.15 Passat Off circuit house
Lee and Bruce Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 10:30 Carrera 4S PH/1st Executive Suites
AntonySJ Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 11:30 GT3 Thomas Cook Village
RobIpswichUK Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 16.16 Porsche 993 with Cobra Stripes Nice place with pool in Mulsanne
Farp Newhaven Dieppe DFDS 16.30 JaguarXK8/JaguarXKR/AudiSports ThomasCookVillage
Nicholas Blair Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 Cerbera Houx
Richard & Andy B Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 Tuscan S Houx
DMN + SWMBO Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 125i Bleu Nord
W2d etc Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 911/911/911 Bleu Nord
H4HOW Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 458 Spider PH Bleu Nord "glamping"
Andy Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 488 Spider PH Bleu Nord "glamping"
Toby Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 M6 PH Bleu Nord "glamping"
Paul Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 M6 PH Bleu Nord "glamping"
Ash Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 Ferrari F12 PH Bleu Nord "glamping"
**** Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 McLaren 675LT PH Bleu Nord "glamping"
Deno Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 BMW M4 PH Bleu Nord "glamping"
Steve Hull Zeebrugge P&O 18:30 Ariel Atom PH Bleu Nord "glamping"
UKCobra Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 20:00 Rapido Motorhome Houx
Roundm Portsmouth St Malo Brittany Ferries 20:15 997S and 981C AirBNB with a pool!
MrC986 & Fingers3 Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 22:00 911 PH Bleu Nord "glamping"
tankplanker Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 22:00 MX-5 Village on the Curves/Lycian
GOG440 Portsmouth Caen Brittany ferries 22:00 TVR 350i (or xf if the tvr is poorly) Houx
_dan_ Portsmouth Caen Brittany ferries 22:00 Audi S4 Avant Houx Annexe
LB14 Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 22:00 BMW M4 Bleu Sud SpeedChills
IN51GHT Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 22:00 LWB VW T5 Houx
Lovey1 Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 22:45 tbc Maison Blanche
Faffer205 Newhaven Dieppe DFDS 23.00 CelicaGT4/AccordTypeR/VWToureg/Porsche911 Maison Blanche
Overall D Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 23:45 Cooper S Maison Blanche
7795 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel TBC SL73, AMG Hammer, Carrera GT Houx

Thursday 14th June

Drax Dover Calais Ferry 01.00 Kia Rio Houx Annex
AM08COB Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 05:50 V8 Vantage Roadster Village on the curves/Lycian
TDutchy, Potatoes, Tomm783 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 06:20 AudiA6AvantLeMans/VWGolfREstate Speedchills BSJ
StevieBee Dover Calais P&O 06.40 Mercedes E330 Coupé Bleu Nord
AdamD +3 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:06 BMW Z4M, Porsche 991 Turbo S, 335d (mapped), Mustang V8 Thomas Cook Village
DavidD+9 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:09 Ftype V8, AM Vantage V8, TT RS, Golf GTI, 991 CS2 PH BN
Dblue+9 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:09 R8 V10,F10 M5,GT4,M2,M3,BoxsterS,2x Focus RS, 2xAbarth Yvres L'Eveque
Philip-8km5h Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:20 Renault Clio V6 MK2 PH Blue Nord
Robscim Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:20 Cerbera Le Bounty
TFatC Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:20 AC Cobra Le Bounty
Matboyslim Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:20 Ford Racing Puma Le Bounty
Maidstonelad +3 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:20 718 Cayman, Caterham Super Sport, Caterham Roadsport SV Speedchills Bleu Sud
JamesW Dover Calais P&O 07:25 991 C2S Cab Bleu Nord
cbrown7+4 or 5 Dover Calais P&O 07:25 RS4, Mustang V8, 350Z, Lotus?, C-Max!?!?, A van??? Houx
Dowks Dover Calais P&O 07:25 TVR Sagaris Beasejour
Alex + Stig Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:50 Civic Type R FK8 Houx
Pete Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:50 996 Turbo S Houx
Rick101, Dan, Nick, Jon Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:50 VXR8 XC70 Houx
HalfDay Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 07:50 Grand Cherokee AirBnB
PJDV8 Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 08:15 Vantage V8AMR Village on the Curves/Lycian
Scissordigits Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 08:15 Porsche 911 (993) Premier Vert
Stevetav Portsmouth Caen Brittany Ferries 08:15 Audi A6 Houx
GregMitchell Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 08:20 AMV8/Golf Clubsport S Houx
simon138 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 08:20 996 c4 Speedchills Bleu Sud
XJR9LM Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 08:20 BMW M2 PH Bleu Nord
Hammond1073 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 08:20 Boxster / BMW / JAAAAAAG Hotel Alencon
Findles & Mutt Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 09:00 TVR Chimera & TVR Tuscan II Porsche Curves
Helipilot Portsmouth Cherbourg Brittany Ferries 09.00 Corvette C7 Z06 PH Bleu Nord
Ed Portsmouth Cherbourg Brittany Ferries 09.00 Lotus Exige PH Bleu Nord
Tony Portsmouth Cherbourg Brittany Ferries 09.00 BMW 435 PH Bleu Nord
Mike Portsmouth Cherbourg Brittany Ferries 09.00 Porsche 911 Targa 4S PH Bleu Nord
Sam Portsmouth Cherbourg Brittany Ferries 09.00 VW California PH Bleu Nord
Escaper Newhaven Dieppe DFDS 09.00 KTM XBOW Village on the curves/Lycian
Delta0 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 09:20 Mazda RX8 R3 Beausejour Speedchills
Jon335 + 4 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 10:20 VW T5 Camper + Mk3 Focus RS Beausejour
Semprini27+3 Folkestone Calais Eurotunnel 10:20 1988 Porsche 911 Targa, 2006 Boxster Porsche Curves
Cooper+9 Dover Calais P&O 12:05 BMW's E46 330 vert, E60 530d, E92 320d, & VW T5 Camper Beausejour
Drift13UK Newhaven Dieppe DFDS 17:00 M135i, Cooper S, 190E, Impreza WRX wagon, 330ci Beausejour
Purplehaze Portsmouth St Malo Brittany Ferries 20:15 Boxster Hotel at Mortagne
Antler Portsmouth St Malo Brittany Ferries 20:15 Aston DBS if respray done, otherwise 350SL Houx
Blueg33 Portsmouth St Malo Brittany Ferries 20:15 Lotus Evora S Sports Racer Chateau near La Chartre
seyre Dover Calais P&O 21:20 Audi S3 Beausejour Speedchills

Friday 15th June

Sykye Folkestone Calais Tunnel 06:20 S4 Houx Annexe
Illmonkey Folkestone Calais Tunnel 06.50 Z4M Porsche curves
rakh1 Folkestone Calais Tunnel 06.50 Cayman 981 GTS (grey and stickered) Porsche curves
Hoolio & Toobin Folkestone Calais Tunnel 07.20 GT3 Houx
Sideways Sid Folkestone Calais Tunnel 08:06 M3 AREA-24
Hex Folkestone Calais Tunnel 08.06 Monaro PH Bleu Nord
lindrup119 Folkestone Calais Tunnel 10.20 Skoda Octavia (or similar...) Bleu Nord
Chewykneeslider Dover Calais P&O 12:05 Porsche 356SC Beausejour