More Houx Annexe Campsites...

More Houx Annexe Campsites...



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Tuesday 9th April 2002
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Due to ACO cock-ups I am looking for Houx Annexe campsites. I am personally looking for one site, but if anyone has more than one I can probably take them off your hands (up to 25).

I will personally pay over the sticker price to get a site (principally due to friends travelling from overseas for the race).

I am not a tour operator or similar and stand to make no gain at all out of this. The request for multiple sites is on behalf of a car club group.

If this sweetens the deal, I believe that there are 10 sites at Expo that could be swapped.

Fingers crossed.



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Wednesday 10th April 2002
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Right at the bottom of the other thread...

... Mark knew a bloke who had some Houx Annexxe tickets. The markup was slightly too much for the other members of my group but if you are willing to shell out some more cash, it might be worth giving him a ring and seeing if they are still available.