When will Pagani launch a new car?

When will Pagani launch a new car?



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Thursday 31st October 2019
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Huayra fully sold out. From my investigations it seems they are only building special edition versions. They’ll also knock you up a Zonda if your pockets are deep enough and your desire for a 20 year old design unsated.

Is a new model on the way? Will they (can they, legally) stick with massive V12’s or will they have to downsize or go hybrid?

Anyway, does anyone have any info?


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Thursday 31st October 2019
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i will ask horacio...


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Friday 1st November 2019
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There was no mention of what the Top Gear article says when we were there for a factory tour a month ago. However, we were told that they were gearing up to try and increase production from the current 40 cars a year to 50 - which clearly suggests that they plan to have something to sell...


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Sunday 22nd December 2019
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I was at the factory in June and the next model is Huayra Roadster... but all 100 sold already.

They said the model after Huayra Roadster in 3 years time will almost certainly be V12 Hybrid, they don't want to go hybrid but its pretty inevitable.

One offs are still possible for people able to stretch that far