RE: 7 reasons to go to Spa Classic

RE: 7 reasons to go to Spa Classic

Wednesday 20th February 2019

7 reasons to go to Spa Classic

Our inaugural visit to Spa-Francorchamps isn't far off; here's why you should come along!

Our very first trip to Spa Classic on May 17-19th is almost upon us, and if you weren't tempted to join us already, then we're hoping this article will give you the gentle push you need to attend what is looking like an incredible weekend of classic racing cars, sun (hopefully...), food, fun and, of course, beer. So, what can I say to tempt you into attending Spa Classic's 9th Birthday, I hear you ask?

The cars. Oh good Lord, the cars...

The historic racing weekend will have smorgasbord of nostalgia on the grid. You'll have the opportunity to see 1966 - 1979 endurance racers, Formula 2 Championship cars dating from 1967 - 1978, sub-2,000cc U2 Touring Cars including Minis and Lotus Cortinas, and of course the famous (and possibly our favourites) Group C endurance cars. The thought of watching a Porsche 956 wail up Eau Rouge is reason enough to be there, wouldn't you agree?

The track
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful tracks in the world. The incredible landscape and sweeping corners cutting through the forest really do offer some fantastic viewing, whether that be from a grand stand or track side from the tall banks at Pouhon, Blanchimont or Fagnes.

The PistonHeads experience
Without tooting our own horn too much, PH knows how to host a good race weekend. Together with our partner 1st Tickets, we're offering packages ranging from camping to chalets, apartments to hotels. Included for all PHers joining us is the noteworthy addition of a lodge above the Endurance pits, overlooking the start/finish straight - the ultimate rest, viewing and mingle point. 1st Tickets are offering packages starting from ยฃ154, so get yourself booked up here. But hurry, the self catering chalets at Eau Rouge have already sold out (a good alternative are the Long Pre apartments)!

Circuit history
Dating back to 1920, the circuit has some pretty cool tales behind it; it was originally spawned to try and revive the La Meuse Cup, which was interrupted by World War One. However, in 1921 when the first race was planned, only one driver turned up, therefore the first race at the circuit was a motorbike race. The first Grand Prix at Spa was in 1922, and the first 24 hour race in 1924. Possibly one of the most important additions to the circuit was in 1939, when the now famous Raidillon (Eau Rouge) curve was added to create an incredible spectacle for fans. This is just a snippet of the circuit's fascinating history, so why not come along and be a part of it...

Grandstands are free
This one speaks for itself really - the grand stands are free at Spa Classic! So find yourself a nice perch opposite the F1 pits or even at La Source. A top tip from some of the organisers, however, is to get yourself a good spot at the Pit Lane Brasserie, where you have an excellent view of the cars coming up from Blanchimont, pit entry, finish line, Eau Rouge up to Radion and, in the distance, Les Combe.

Chance to drive your own car on track
The organizers of Spa Classic thought it'd be a nice addition to give people the chance to drive their very own cars on track if they so wish, and oh how right they are. With two to three 25-minute sessions per day available to bag a spot on, this is your opportunity to get a go on this famous circuit. This fantastic experience is also offered through 1st Tickets, see here for details. The criteria for the cars allowed on track is quite strict, though, so please see here to see if your car is eligible.

Paddocks are open to public
Like the Le Mans Classic, Spa Classic is all about letting the fans experience as much of the racing as possible. Therefore the paddocks are open to the public, and you get to (nearly) live and breathe what the racers do, with cars being fired up and tyres being changed right in front of you. This is probably the best reason to get yourself and a few mates along, it really is an unbelievable experience getting up close and personal with such ridiculous race cars.

Tempted, then? Click here to visit the 1st Tickets website and secure your place. With packages starting from ยฃ154pp space is limited and likely to go quickly, so avoid disappointment by booking now! See you there!



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Wednesday 20th February 2019
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This sounds like fun, I'd love to go over there in my MX6 turbo, if I can finish building it in time...

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Wednesday 20th February 2019
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A few of us went 2 years ago. Amazing event, we were literally in the middle of the paddock with the most amazing collection of classic cars, most of which being driven in anger! As usual at these events, the exotica in the car park was also worthy of a look.

Jack Mansfield

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Wednesday 20th February 2019
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MX6 said:
This sounds like fun, I'd love to go over there in my MX6 turbo, if I can finish building it in time...

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Fast Eddie

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Wednesday 20th February 2019
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I'm all booked


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Wednesday 20th February 2019
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I booked a few weeks ago, I'm taking my 1967 Mustang along with a friend in another 67 Mustang. We've both booked track time on Saturday and Sunday. Cant wait!


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PH Marketing Bloke

Thursday 21st February 2019
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Really pleased to see the enthusiasm around this. We've got close to 100 people booked on now and have sold out of spaces at Hotel La Reine and the Eau Rouge chalets. If you're thinking about joining us, get booked on today!


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Friday 22nd February 2019
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I've been to the Spa Classic before and parked outside the circuit entirely on that occasion but have two eligible cars from the "happy few" list that would enable me to park in the paddock.

What I'm curious about is whether that is really a benefit or actually a PITA? I like the idea of parking right in the centre from the perspective of not having to carry anything very far but am less keen on the potential for damage or discovering that I can only arrive or leave at set times or suffer from sitting in a long queue of traffic to do so. What is the feeling of those that have done it before, would you park in the paddock again or give it a miss entirely?


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Sunday 24th February 2019
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Did Spa Classic last year, it's a great event.

If you go, book track laps, it's a great circuit and it'll make the weekend even more special.