No tyres for GR Yaris!!

No tyres for GR Yaris!!



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Thursday 25th February
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GR_WILL said:
You can’t fit a space saver in a GR Yaris. The 12v battery resides in what would be the spare wheel well.
Yes I checked, if you were going on a long distance trip and wanted to keep one in the boot, can you use a 125/80 R 17 space saver ?


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Monday 1st March
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Sorry to hear about the tyre. Damn shame not being able to drive one of the best hot hatches of the last 10 years.


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Tuesday 9th March
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My local dealer (Letchworth) had one of these in the showroom with a flat front tyre and the demo I drove also had a TPS warning...

Seems these pick up punctures very easily???

Dealer was also waiting for tyre for showroom car....


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Sunday 28th March
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Personally I'd use a puncture repair and stick a can of sealant in it.

I know it's on the shoulder but it'll see you through until the tyres are back in stock and it's not going to catastrophically fail in the mean time.

Edit, just seen you've already ordered the replacement.

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