Maxi ball joints above or below arms?

Maxi ball joints above or below arms?



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Saturday 9th December 2017
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I would suggest that the 'ball' is passed up through the wishbone and bolted up.In this way,if the bolts fail,the ball is still attached to the wishbone and some steering is retained.


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Sunday 10th December 2017
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GinG15 said:
the reason why i hi-jacked the original posting was that with mounting the balljoint below the wishbne...the pivot point could be lowered, hence the general geometry would change a bit.

so we have still not a really clear answer if this makes sence or not.
This has already been addressed (by Chris-S); mounting the balljoint above or below the wishbone will make absolutely no difference to the location of the pivot points.

Draw an imaginary line between the centre of the maxi ball joint and the centre of the bushes on the inner end of the wishbone. You should be able to see the angle of this line will remain fixed, irrespective of which side the balljoint is mounted, even though the angle of the wishbone itself changes slightly.

To change the effective location of the balljpoint, the tapered part that engages into the upright would need to be shorter or longer.