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First kit car help!



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Sunday 23rd September 2012
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Hi everyone,

I've just bought my first kit car, and have a few questions. I'm using it as everyday transport, and although it has no windscreen/heater/weather protection of any kind, it's a lot of fun.

1/ It seems to understeer a bit, then oversteer a lot. I'm driving as carefully as possible but still getting no traction in 1st or 2nd gear. Could the suspension set up be hindering me here? It has fully adjustable suspension (coilovers). What would be the best set up to cure some of the understeer, stop the loss of traction?

2/ The steering seems very heavy, but rather vague? It dosent seem to centre as a normal car would either, you almost have to bring it back into line yourself, what could be the cause of this?

3/ Does anyone know where i can get a bonnet scoop from, it needs to be around 18" x 9", by 3" high. The EFI is sticking out of the bonnet and ideally needs covering up.

Thanks in advance for your help, i'll get some photo's up soon.



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Sunday 23rd September 2012
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you haven't said what car it is, but by the sound of it you need it setting up properly,ie is it square, caster, camber, bump steer, tracking and corner weighting, that is assuming of course these are adjustable,regarding the bonnet scoop i can probably help out there ,i will have a look in my mould store in the next day or so to see what i have.


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Friday 28th September 2012
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^^^^^^What he says is very good advice. Hang on, did I just say that Sam?? :-)

But first try your tyre pressures! My neighbour drove 250 miles home from Cornwall in his new Westfield, detested it already by the time he got it home. 10 minutes later I had dropped the 30psi in the tyres down to 18 and backed the dampers off from 12 to 3 clicks. Different car, it was fking lethal as was and i am surprised he made it home especially as it was raining.
Don't know what car you have as you don't say, but if it is 7'esque back the damping and tyre pressures off and carefully test it. You do have classic symptoms of this problem.