MEV Replicar Build Pictures

MEV Replicar Build Pictures



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Wednesday 12th March 2014
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OlberJ said:
Those or the 5 spoke version in black on a green body


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Friday 14th March 2014
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I have been following the discussion on wheels with some interest as I intend to order a MEV Replicar later in the year, rebuilding the garage as we speak.
My vote would be the wires as shown but not chrome as I think this gives a very bling look, I would paint in either silver or a dark contrasting colour to the body work I.e dark green to a British Racing Green. Body.

Stuart Mills

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Wednesday 26th March 2014
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Great bespoke seats now available for Replicar from;
They are
1, comfortable,
2, IVA compliant,
3, made in a choice of colours,
4, choice of piping colours too,
5, wider than the standard product,
6, angled to suit the Replicar chassis,
7, captive nuts are fitted and positioned for MX5 runners
Please note the headrests are required for IVA.

Stuart Mills

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Friday 23rd May 2014
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Colours are always a personal choice, BRG has been the most popular so far by far. We have done a few in old English white, my favourite is the red with a Ferrari inspired badge.


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Friday 23rd May 2014
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I actually quite like the battle ship grey one in the background but still think the 250 GTO very light green/lime would look brilliant with black trimmings.


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Saturday 11th November 2017
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A bit of a thread resurrection here, but here's one spotted last Sunday. Looks better sitting a bit lower.

Gary T

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Thursday 4th January
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The red one in the picture built by MEV (second body type with doors and boot) is up for sale on eBay, dont know where the green MEV built (first body type no doors or boot - although mould lines exist to provide cut lines) Replicar is but I know it had yellow 'lipstick' when it appeared on the one show.


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Tuesday 9th January
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Looks nothing like a Replicar (which, when I was 16, my parents for some reason refused to buy for me.)