Legends Race Car For The Road

Legends Race Car For The Road



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Wednesday 19th June
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Boostaddiction said:
The paperwork you sign from 600 Racing (or INEX) when you buy the car says you will never register or drive the car on the street.
In Australia, once imported as a race car always a race car no matter how many pair of hands it passes through

I think all of our Legend cars are imports from the US so they would be ruled out and I thing the Future racers use a US chassis and Oz body so the imported race chassis would rule them out too.

Given that we follow the leader on many things this could well be the case in your neck of the woods too.


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Thursday 20th June
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Theres a few for sale on facebook marketplace, but they're all £9-12k built and ready to race rather than a cheap project to fiddle with.