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Thursday 24th November 2022
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Replacement of carpets doing it myself purchasing from either Tvr cental or Coverdale any real difference also is it worth paying extra for luxury wool Tvr cental didn' seem to think so opinions appreciated thanks


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Thursday 24th November 2022
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Wool certainly looks better but stinks when wet. TVRs are generally not water tight so I chose to install synthetic carpets. They still look OK after 15 years use. I found Coverdale excellent to deal with. I opted to buy carpet by the roll and cut it to fit, a big mistake as I still needed to get the edges bound, far better in hindsight to get a ready cut and bound carpet set. Be careful when removing the old carpet around the parcel ledge as you will need it as a template. Coverdale supplied spray on glue was fine but the glue remover less so I found white spirit to be far more effective


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Friday 25th November 2022
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I used Coverdale carpets in my Rover P6. That was 12 years ago and they still look like new! I also bought a set of overmats which are the same material with rubber footpads!

Piccys are when I was fitting them!


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Friday 25th November 2022
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D&C trim do a nice set ready edged and fit well. I've fitted several of their carpet sets. If memory serves the carpet they use is Coverdale.


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Sunday 19th March
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I ordered a set from Coverdale - went with the manmade as it's an open car and may get wet inside.

Lady from Coverdale called to double check something on the order and ended up fast-tracking my order which arrived 3 days after placing the order. Really pleased with the service and the product - can't wait to get them fitted now.