Paint Codes

Paint Codes



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Tuesday 2nd August 2016
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Hi, has anyone had any luck finding modern equivalent paint codes for the old Glasso ones.
I am particularly keen to get modern codes for Marigold, Cirus white, and Yellow.


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Sunday 20th August 2017
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Hi. Need some help. Does anyone know what colour this codes refers to ? 28461-60. It's in a taimar.
Any help much appreciated.


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Wednesday 13th December 2017
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and some which TVR also used?


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Wednesday 22nd May 2019
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Don’t know wether it’s of interest,having a spring clean came across some information regarding a 2500 M which I owned some years ago
Chassis number 3371TM
Paint code G M 28755 (possible silver ) although met bronze when I purchased
Regards Baz