Fantastic Motorsport Vids! - title all videos please

Fantastic Motorsport Vids! - title all videos please



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Friday 18th August 2017
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vournikas said:
Petter Solberg driving like his eyebrows are on fire :-
Rally drivers are just insane


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Sunday 20th August 2017
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Monday 11th September 2017
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Beautiful shots of Brooklands this year


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Thursday 18th January 2018
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MJJ Racing is pretty good i've found - Also really helpful to those looking to get into motorsport... tempted myself !

Lee GT

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Friday 16th March 2018
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What is the best track car??? Definitely not an M3 ... it’s broken again!


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Thursday 3rd May 2018
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Colour footage of the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix - that comes from a med holiday DVD called The Flying Clipper.

This is John Frankenheimer style GP footage. Some camera car at the start then race footage and terrible narration.


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Monday 4th June 2018
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McLaren 50th Anniversary - very moving video


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Tuesday 5th June 2018
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agreed...very good and one hell of a legacy to leave.

number 46

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Tuesday 25th September 2018
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First time racing at Spa in my Lola 212. Had problems with gear selection on the test day and qualifying. Started 29 out of 33. finished 17th. Still learning the cars limits but overall a fun weekend!!! Heres the warm-up and opening laps.


Original Poster:

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Wednesday 10th October 2018
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956 vs LC-2 at Spa

Even with Ickx at the wheel of the Porsche, he struggles against the sheer speed of the Lancia


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Saturday 27th October 2018
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silverfoxcc said:
Beautiful shots of Brooklands this year
what a wonderful video.. I recall walking on the banking. A magnificent place and a big part of racing history.


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Sunday 10th February
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Toyota Starlet (Rwd). 11,000rpm / 260bhp NA 4AGE. Mount Washington hillclimb.