TVR Tuscan, take 2!

TVR Tuscan, take 2!



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Tuesday 11th August
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TR4man said:
Great update - enjoyed reading that!

That last photo looks like the Cafe on the Great Orme.

Funnily enough I prefer my Tuscan with the roof panel on, rear window out and side windows down on very hot days like those we are having at the moment.
Good spot - spectacular road, even at 30mph.

Agree on your last tip - it feels better but somehow feels wrong not having the roof totally off on these brilliant days. I took an old Boxster to Monaco and drove most of that with the roof up and windows down as was too hot - and no aircon in that one!


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Tuesday 11th August
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Nice update! smile

I’ve got a few updates to add my thread now it’s in for its service!

I’m unsure if mine is full loud mode like yours but I can empathise with what you’re saying about the noise. Amazing and cataclysmic but a couple of times I’ve wished it was a tiny bit more civilised. Then the road opens up a bit and I hit the loud pedal and forget all about it!

Looking forward to more road trips thought he kids slow down the amount of time I have with just me and the wife!