RS-AJP: ECU Diagnostic Software for TVR models with either an AJP8 or AJP6 engine.

Keeping the screen on.

This is App great -> Keep Screen On

Frequetly asked questions:

1 Q What is RS-AJP?
A RS-AJP is a mobile ECU diagnostic tool, availiable for Android devices, that simply allows users to monitor their ECU in realtime.
2 Q What is the easiest way to get the app setup, connected and running?
A Once you have the app download. Thanks ed, the easiest way to get connected is to use the cables listed in the Cable Information section below or on the Play Store, they're simply plug and play and work with no setup requirements.
3 Q What happens when I click Save Layout?
A When you click on Save Layout the app creates a file in a directory called rs-ajp in DeviceStorage.The filename is just a timestamp with a .rs-ajp extension. With the following format: YYYY-MM-DD
4 Q How can I keep the screen on while RS-AJP is running?
A The free app Keep Screen solves this prob perfectly!
5 Q How do I load a previously saved layout or one pre-made for a device?
A To load a previously saved layout, open the 'rs-ajp' folder in your favourite Android File Explorer (for example Astro) and click on the previously saved layout. You will be prompted whether you wish to load the layout and replace your existing layout. Select Continue to do so and load RS-AJP with the new layout. To load a pre-made layout, copy the layout to the 'rs-ajp' folder on your device using Android File Transfer (free download from and then follow the previous instructions.

Release History:

(v1.10) Added Rev-Limit Dial Warning. RPM>6000=AMBER, RPM>6500=RED.
(v1.09) Added automatic reconnection logic in case the ecu is powered off while the app is running
(v1.08) Just a bit of UI polishing.
(v1.07) Well, it was said that the Cerbera, from 0-100mph, will out drag a Tornado Jet. A Tornado Jet has a Head Up Display, so I thought it fitting that a Cerbera should have one too smile
(v1.07) RS-AJP, with HUD...Enjoy!
(v1.06) Now with new widgets for: MPH, KPH, LateralG, Acceleration, Bearing, Altitude, Accuracy, Number of Satellties, Gps Location and Time And Data Logging, Frost Status Indicator on the Air Temp Dials and an option to reset to a STD or GPS layout.

Connection Details:

For the MBE ECU used in all AJP8 and AJP6 cars, TVR used two types of connection terminal.
• A female 9-Pin D-Sub RS-232 port on the ECU motherboard.
• Or an external female three way cable plug connector.

Earlier cars had the 9-pin D-Sub connection, and on later cars access to the ECU was made available via the three way cable plug.

To get the diagnostic software to connect to the ECU in your car you need to determine which of these two types of connection you have.

If you have the earlier 9-pin D-Sub connection then all you need is a:
• USB Host enabled Android device
• USB OTG Cable
• USB to Serial Cable

If you have the later three way connection you will ALSO need:
• An extra cable that has a female 9-pin D-Sub RS-232 connection on one end and a male three way cable plug connector.

Connection procedure:

1) Connect your cables together
2) Connect cable to your ECU (ignition off)
3) Connect cable to your Android device
When you connect the cable to your Android device you will get a popup asking you to run the app.

Cable Information:

Data leads
The USB to Serial Lead
Cables to charge device while connected to ECU
Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)
Galaxy S4 (SHG-537)
Galaxy Note 2 (N7100)
Galaxy Note 3 (N900A)
Sony Xperia U ST25a / ST25i
Sony Xperia SP, Ion (LT28i)
Sony Xperia Z SGP312 tablet
Should work with the rest of the OTG-capable Sony Xperia phones and tablets

Make your own 3pin USB

The three pin connector has GND, Tx and Rx.
Remembering that the middle of the 3 pin connector is Rx.
3 Pin RS232
Rx Pin 2
GND Pin 5
Tx Pin 3

(If you get Rx and Tx the wrong way around, it's fine, just swap them)

Compatable Devices:

Device Tested By Compatible Layout needed Notes
Nexus 4 msmith0592 No No -
Nexus 7 2012 aide Yes No! Default layout scales automatically smile
Nexus 7 2013 theFrog Yes Yes Works with this cable:
htc one m7 Fusion1 Yes ? -
Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) theFrog Yes Yes Works with this cable:
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Fusion1 Yes ? -
Samsung Galaxy S3 aide Yes No The Default layout was designed on the S3
Samsung Galaxy S4 - Not Tested - -
Samsung Galaxy S5 Vee8ight Yes Yes available in the layout dir
Samsung Tab 3 Ant. Yes Not 7" (no OTG support), only 8 and 10
KOBO ARC 64gb Vee8ight No No -
HTC Desire Cockey No No -
Sony Xperia Tablet Z SGP311 Rufus Roughcut Yes No Does not work with FTDI adapter, use the suggested one
Sony Xperia Phone S LT26i GT6k Yes No Layout looks fine
Sony Xperia Phone U LT25 Juddder Yes Yes Need to upgrade to Android 4.0 but works. Layout too large
Sony Experia SGP611 black_350i Yes Yes Delock 61856 USB to serial and 83183 USB OTG cable

Shared Layouts:

Device Note Download Link
Samsung Galaxy S3 STD Layout
Samsung Galaxy S3 GPS Layout
Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom from Vee8ight
Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom from Vee8ight
Nexus 7 (1920x1200) Custom from thefrog
Htc one m8 Custom from Jooles81
Xiaomi Mi5 Custom from Jooles81