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Gummball Rally



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Tuesday 6th August 2002
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Did any of you guys watch the Documentry on C4 last night about the Gummball Rally across the USA.

What a fantastic event. There were 140+ of the worlds finest cars 'racing' across America in a 5 day 3,500 mile trip.

There were a number of Ferrari's there. 355's, 360's 550's even an F50. It was nice to see these cars being used. And used Hard !!!!

At one point there was two 360's racing each other. Now, I've owned/been in some fast cars, but these things looked mental. One minute they were there plodding along, next thing they were gone. LONG GONE.

Are any of you guys doing the Cannon ball run into Europe this year???? And if so, have ya got room for a little un'


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Tuesday 6th August 2002
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Jay_Z, don't know what program you watched last night? Doesn't sound like the same one I watched:-

Cheers.... Andrew


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Tuesday 6th August 2002
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Jay-Z a lot of guys have slammed the programme mate - There's a guy who drove an SL55 AMG on the Gumball and he said it softened the whole scale and feeling of fun they actually had....
Mind you - that's to take nothing away from your opinion.
Would have been fun to attend.....


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Wednesday 7th August 2002
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The programme said that "nobody won as it was never a race!". I was down at a Jag dealer the other week with my son as they had a glorious Mk2 for sale. As I was talking to the owner he took a call from his mate. The owner said to me "if you like cars, wait a few minutes as you will like what is turning up" He wouldn't tell me what it was but said that I would hear it coming.....

10 minutes later an F50 turned up, driven by Joe Macari in full Gumball livery. It had just come back and was glimpsed a few times in the show. He was adam ant that the car had won !

Interestingly the front air dam was completly stripped of paint, when I asked why, the reply was that they were going so fast through the Arizona (??) desert that it had been sand blasted from the road dust

Not a big fan of the latest Ferraris,. prefer the old one's (he said wishing he had the dough to choose!) but what a car !!!

Apparently it is for sale but I've looked at his web site and can't find it.