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Sunday 6th October 2002
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Hi all,
have got the Rover V8 3.5 litre in a Range Rover and recommended oil by land rover is a 20/50. David Hardcastle's book on the Rover V8 says that a 'thick oil' is best for the V8 due to the relatively low pressure that the engine runs at. The engine oil system was designed to be low pressure - high volume - hence the size of the oil pump gears. As the Chimaera engine and all Rover V8s seem to run at the same oil pressure (around 30psi) I would think that this principal is correct for them all. Must say that I am have Mobil 1 in my Chimaera 450 at the moment but the thick oil thing makes sense - don't know if I've go the guts to test the theory though?!

Unfortunately the oil pumps have been changed and on the serp engine use a totally different design and run at a higher pressure. These engines bear little or no relationship to the earlier V8s that used 20W50 as there was nothing else. The oil ways have changed, the cam shaft mounts have changed and so on.

If you search this archive you will hear so many different stories etc etc.

Gotta dash as the oil police have just turned up....



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Sunday 6th October 2002
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So what pressure should my serp V8 in the Chimaera be running at? It seems to run at around 35psi, ie the same as my 1973 Range Rover.