Alternate Parts List

Part description OE(M) Model or part number Other Details
front wheel bearing Chrysler Jeep
Locking wheel nuts 1/2 inch UNF thread
Expansion cap VW Golf Mk1
Door lock catches Ford Transit
Power steering Peugeot
Power steering Relay Peugeot
Coil pack Vauxhall
Crank sensor Ford
Electric boot switch Ford Puma
Carbon fuel box Ford
Side repeaters Peugeot 206
Wiper indicator switchgear GM
Anti-roll bar (T350) Mercedes Sprinter Van
Wing mirrors VW Corrado
Rear view mirror Peugeot 814842 TVR p/n u0289
Rear view mirror bracket Peugeot 814995
Rear brakes Ford Sierra
Front Pads Mintex MDB 2207
Front Pads Ferodo DS2500
Speed 6 Starter Motor Bosch/BMW Bosch 0 001 108 063 or BMW 1 312 104 8
Dipped-Beam Headlamp Hella 1BL 008 193-007
Full-Beam Headlamp Hella 1KO 008 191-007
Brakelight/Taillight Hella 2XA 008 221-021
Rear Repeater Hella 2BA 008 221-041
Rear Foglight Hella 2NE 008 221-031
Reversing Light Hella 2ZR 008 221-051

Misc Sealant for light sealing Sikaflex 221 or 252 in BLACK

Finding info to update list..... info has so far come from multiple posts found on the TVR forums