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Thinking about buying a BMW? With an ever growing list of buying guides, let us do the work for you. Our expert research will give you the inside track on your chosen make and model, and, combined with feedback from likeminded PH members, will arm you with the knowledge you need to feel confident you're making the best purchase possible.

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Monday 3rd September 2018
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Can anyone help a GIRL out buying an E46 325i 2003? 🙏

So, long story short, my poor little car got written off last week after someone crashed into me. One of my oldest school friends, who professionally sprays cars just happens to be selling my FAVOURITE ever car. Ive always secretly loved and appreciated cars and used to use this forum many moons ago to go to meets. Ex had a VX220. Anyway im waffling ... mate in his VX crashed and died and this forum was such a community fill of really decent knowledgeable people, that I felt empowered to use it again all these years later to ask for some much needed help.

So I was inspired watching the film white chicks in my teens and vowed by the time I was 30 I would own a 3 series bmw convertible. Now aged 30, suddenly this cars available, fate?

So I trust this guy immensely. I've known him since I was in my teens and he's desperate to keep the car but only bought it to sell on to help fund an engagement ring haha!

So hes had this car for 2 months and got it off a guy he knows well at work whos a valleter. Its immaculate. I'm pretty bright, but know very little about cars. This is not my field of expertise! I've done the usual girl stuff and checked out the MOT hx on Gov website and it's HP clear and not stolen etc etc and has tax and mot... so the car.... only mot fail was 2008 due to insufficient washer fluid.

2003 reg, 106,000 miles. Convertible with soft and hard top. Automatic. No modifications. Full service history until 2012 as the most recent owner has been going to a local garage and for some reason doesn't have the paperwork. Not even for the MOTs, but I've checked them online anyway and they've passed every one with no advisories. So I've done some research and looked at typical problems encountered with this model and what seems to come back a lot is to check the water pump, thermostat, front suspension wishbone and balljoints, and ATF.

He's asking for 3 grand. I thought that was reasonable having looked online. I'm totally prepared for the higher fuel costs and servicing etc as have decent disposable income but with limited cash available to buy now, as im desperate for a motor as school runs start next week, I know you'll appreciate id much rather have this car than the Ford C Max's I've been looking at 😂

I recommended getting a full pre inspection and mate isnt bothered or phased at all by this and said if it makes me feel more at ease then go for it. What do you guys think? I work for the ambulance service, see a lot of horrible crap happen to people... and I kinda appreciate how short life is and live for the moment, so owning this car would put the biggest smile on my face...

So any wise words of wisdom or help at all would be greatly appreciated.