Urgent Help Tremec T56 Dodge SRT

Urgent Help Tremec T56 Dodge SRT



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Monday 12th June 2017
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Hi Folks,

We are hopefully off to Le Mans on Thrs AM in Dodge Ram SRT but the gearbox has failed (Shift fork Pads)

Does anyone know where I can get Tremec T56 Complete shift fork pads in Bronze (would take plastic right now).

In the UK?? Need them at the garage by Wed AM ..... or we are going in a BMW


Thanks in Advance


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Monday 12th June 2017
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The T56 is a pretty common transmission so shouldn't be too hard to get parts for surely. A few viper owners have used Hauser Racing for transmission and rear end rebuilds in the past so may be worth a call.


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Monday 12th June 2017
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Try Bernie at CTS, (Competition Transmission Services)

If not he should know where smile

vaughan watkins

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Tuesday 13th June 2017
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If the above doesn't sort it if you have a dodge part number you can try your local Fiat dealer (yes you heard that right) as they can source them and if a common item may be in stock in this country ( I got 2.no new drive shafts for my SRT8 challenger through them and they were cheaper than anywhere else as well) worth a shot but ideally have the part number for them, I used my local dealer that is in Reading WLMG 01189336640


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Monday 26th June 2017
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Bernie is your man at competition transmissions......

He has done all my rebuilds inc 3 trucks and a few vipers..

I have some GenII internals from when I rebuilt my my 02 ...it had 11k miles