LED Bulbs for external lights

LED Bulbs for external lights



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Sunday 13th January
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I am in the process of coming to end of my restoration project, with car now in body shop. I am guessing it may have been raised before but if can be pointed in the direction or given guidance on LED bulbs to be used for the brakes, reverse and indicators?

As I thought it would be an ideal time to change these while paint work is being done. Already ordered some for the plate number and interior light.



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Sunday 13th January
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LED bulbs are available for all of the applications however the indicators may need a change to the flasher module.
The standard flasher module works by the current passing through it heating a bi-metal switch. The LEDs don't give this current so the flasher will not work.
Go buy a 3 pin flasher module listed for LED. Probably sold by the same people selling the LEDs.