Lifes Motors Southport to Close

Lifes Motors Southport to Close



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Saturday 28th December 2019
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I was speaking to Dave Randall, proprietor of Life Motors on West Street in Southport, before Christmas and was very sad to hear that the showroom will close imminently.

Lifes Motors have been Morgan dealers since 1926, and prided themselves as being the oldest dealership in the world.

The showroom has been a real Mecca for Morgan enthusiasts, and there was always a great selection of cars on display.

Lifes Motors will continue to service Morgan cars as an independent specialist from new premises in Banks, on the outskirts of Southport.

I'll certainly miss calling in to the showroom, and wish Dave the best in his retirement and Matty good luck with his running of the Lifes Motors servicing workshop.




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Wednesday 1st January
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Thats a shame, I always liked to press my nose up against the showroom window as a kid on day trips to southport in the 70’s. And then buying my Morgan from Dave 10 years ago was one of the best days ever
Happy retirement Dave!

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Wednesday 1st January
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Great shame, the oldest Morgan dealers in the world.

I had my Plus 8 serviced there in the late 1970's..

Always had some very nice used stock in.

I bought my last Morgan from John Gills in Bedale in North Yorkshire in 2006. It closed down in 2008.


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Sunday 5th January
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Sad news. Bought mine there


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Wednesday 4th March
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Great shame and a big loss to Southport.

5th November 2012 - a Saturday afternoon I picked up my new Morgan Roadster with my brother & son ….without knowing my ex sister in law and husband came to look through the window - they were looking at the cars and we were inside laughing at them until eventually they recognised us .. it was part of every blokes Lord St shopping experience - dragged to the shops but a quick detour for 5 minutes to see a classic showroom.

Will be missed !!!


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Monday 7th September
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I bought my Morgan from Dave and the gang at Lifes in 2014. For me it was the fulfilment of an ambition I held for nearly 60 years, since I was 5 years old. I wish Dave all the best in his retirement and feel fortunate we can continue dealing with Matt. Lifes lives on!!