RE: XKR in Trans Am

RE: XKR in Trans Am

Monday 24th February 2003

XKR in Trans Am

650bhp Jaguar engined, XKR bodied racer prepared for 2003 season

Jaguar are getting involved with Trans-Am racing again this summer thanks to a 650-horsepower Jaguar AJ-V8 engine, developed by Michigan-based Rocketsports Racing.

The 4.5 litre version of Jaguarโ€™s lightweight dual overhead-cam V8 will power one of the teamโ€™s Jaguar XKR-bodied race cars in the 2003 Trans-Am Series for the BFGoodrich Tires Cup, and will be driven by two-time Trans-Am champion Scott Pruett.

"The last time a Jaguar engine competed in Trans-Am was back in 1981. Its return is long overdue," said Rocketsports Racing team owner, Paul Gentilozzi.

Gentilozzi re-introduced Jaguar to Trans-Am competition during the 2000 season. The following year he drove the Rocketsports Racing XKR to his third Trans-Am title and delivered the coveted Manufacturersโ€™ Championship title to Jaguar.

Earlier this year, Gentilozzi approached Jaguar Cars North America with a proposal to switch from Ford pushrod power to the Jaguar AJ-V8. He was given an enthusiastic reception โ€“ together with a new engine.

Work has already started on developing the racing Jaguar V8 at Rocketsportsโ€™ workshops in Lansing, Michigan. The engine itself is based on the same all-aluminium V8 that powers the XK8 and supercharged XKR sports cars. Rocketsportsโ€™ engineers plan to increase the V8โ€™s capacity from 4.2 to 4.5 litres and to more than double the power output, which is nice.

While the production AJ-V8โ€™s alloy cylinder block and heads will be retained, a new heavy-duty crankshaft will be fitted along with lightweight racing pistons and connecting rods. Modifications will also include custom-made headers and a race fuel injection system.

With its race-tuned AJ-V8 revving to over 9000 rpm, the carbon fibre and Kevlar-bodied racing XKR is going to be quick. The team expects standstill to 60mph sprinting in 3.2 seconds, with quarter-mile acceleration in 10.8 seconds at 135mph, and a top speed of 180mph.

Rocketsports Racing is also building a new XKR race car to wrap around the Jaguar engine. It will feature modified bodywork, including a new DTM-inspired nose, and a dedicated Jaguar livery.

Driver Scott Pruett is no newcomer to Jaguar. He co-drove with Gentilozzi, Brian Simo and Michael Lauer to win the GTS class in the 2002 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona in a Rocketsports Racing XKR. A decade earlier, he won the same race in a Jaguar XJR12 for the TWR team.

The last Trans-Am involvement for Jaguar was with Bob Tulliusโ€™ Group 44 team in 1981 with its V12-engined XJS race cars. The Trans-Am high point for Jaguar was when Tullius took the Manufacturersโ€™ title in 1978.

Jaguar will have a strong presence in the series this year with at least six XKR-bodied cars racing.



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Hopefully they do better than they have in F1


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Me too SneakyB! Then again Jaguar has some (distant) link with kind of racing at least! Even a Jag engine cool!