XJR-15, is it really that bad?

XJR-15, is it really that bad?



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Friday 28th February 2003
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Recently stumbled upon some footage of a XJR-15 driven by Mr Clarkson Esq (from www.racingflix.com , sign up and keep your modem busy for the next year or so ).

It sounded absolutey fantastic but Clarkson proclaimed the handling to be not much cop. Now, I know JC loves to overexaggerate but was that car really that bad? It was developed by TWR, using knowledge acquired from the Group C program (which was fairly succesful...).

Anyway have any thoughts?



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Friday 28th February 2003
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The XJR-15 cars were built as driver rentals for a racing series to support GP's like the Porsche Supercup of today (but ran like the leasehold Diablo series). Anyway they were only raced 3 times and each one had a few "big moments" and dented bodywork. The drivers were talented guys, the likes of Derek Warwick, Armin Hahne, Cor Euser...so they knew how to handle cars. I think they cancelled it after complaints from the drivers and from TWR who couldn't keep up with the repairs to keep grid numbers up.

Basically a powerful engine mounted to high up in an underdeveloped and rushed out car.

Conclusion - bad car.