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meetings in north Wales


john s2000

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Thursday 29th December 2011
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im new on here. My life has always been cars bikes trucks
i was wondering if there were any social meets in bangor conwy or surrounding area. would be greet to meet like minded ppl


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Thursday 29th December 2011
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Unfortunately it's a bit quiet round here.

There used to be a few of us who would go out for the occasional run, but numbers dwindled and no one had time to organise things.

Occasionally someone will try to arrange something, not sure if any of these recent attempts have actually taken place as I have inevitably been unable to attend.

Shame really, as we do have some fantastic roads and there are some pretty unusual and interesting cars knocking around.

Regards, Neil


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Saturday 14th January 2012
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I have offered to arrange a drive or meet in the past but no takers. I am at present organising a 2 day event for the Honda S2000 Club and have organised all (except one) of the North Wales Meets since the club was formed.

Let me know what you want the meet to cover and I'll sort one out. I am retired so do have the time. I also prefer Saturday Meets.

If everyone is North Wales/Cheshire, then a one day Meet with lunch and a tyre kicking session at the end would probably be fine.

As I rarely visit the Forum send me a PM. If it is "on" the full information and list of attendees etc can be posted on the Forum.

john s2000

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Thursday 19th January 2012
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really easy tbh just be nie to get out and meet up 4 a days drive food chat if we could get a group together


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Saturday 4th February 2012
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I'd be up for this. Also think a few of the north wales RS club would be game.


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Saturday 25th February 2012
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I'd be keen to get out and see a few interesting cars and people. Depends on dates obviously but definitely interested.


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Saturday 19th January 2013
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me too wink


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Wednesday 20th February 2013
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Hi. I'm looking for a bit of advice and local knowledge. I'm joining a group of friends who are planning a run from Northamptonshire to Shrewsbury to Porthmadog doing an overnight then returning the next day. This will be in March. Suggestions on best roads to use (and ones to avoid) would be appreciated. Also any advice on the BIB's favourite speed trap locations would be appreciated. TVM.smile

Mr Roper

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Wednesday 20th February 2013
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One of the pros of living in Mid Wales......a short trip gets me onto this.

Get there early or late evening to avoid traffic..Mid week is best.

Basically, get to Llangollen then keep heading west making sure your on the Bala road then on to Porthmadog. It's all good just get the timing right as best you can.

Have fun