vehicle wrapping / race graphics in NL?

vehicle wrapping / race graphics in NL?



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Monday 6th August 2012
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hi guys.

our race car [] is currently en route for final fettle and tuning in arnhem. we also need to have the new race livery applied as we didn't have time to do so before it left dubai. we'll need base vinyl applying plus sponsor graphics printed/applied.

do any of you know a company who could assist? it needs to look good and we are on a budget of sorts, but it's more important we find someone who can work to a brief and bear with us given the distance we will be communicating over and the fact it's more important we keep the car at the tuning garage.

hopefully by the end of the week i'll have the scheme done, car lands in rotterdam on the 12th and will be leaving for barcelona on the 3rd sept.

oh, we'd also be happy giving some logo space over to the wrapping company if they can offer a discounted rate.


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Monday 6th August 2012
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Don't know anyone who could help, sorry ;(


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Wednesday 8th August 2012
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JV Reclame in Ridderkerk.

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Thursday 9th August 2012
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I have heard a good thing or 2 about these people:

It's over 100km from Arnhem but seeing your out of your way from Dubai anyway...


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Sunday 26th August 2012
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I've seen these guys do good stuff to bikes. Not sure if they do cars though: