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Wire wheels or Alloys?

Wire wheels or Alloys?



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Sunday 26th August 2012
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I am planning to buy a Mk1 Roadster and would like to know the forums views on wire versus alloy wheel. I know the alloys are a bit lighter....I dont know how much,....and therefore the unsprung weight is better with alloys.Could anyone tell from driving the car what wheels were fitted? Anyone know the cost to swop hubs etc for the other wheels?


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Wednesday 5th September 2012
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The alloys will make the car handle better.... The wires look nicer. The wires are considerably heavier.

I think the car feels a little more leaden on wires, however I've chosen wires on mine.


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Saturday 26th January 2013
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I was a Morgan owner in 1990 with a Plus4. Wire wheels rust at the junction of the spoke with the rim. They look great.



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Saturday 26th January 2013
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Wires are gorgeous. However... I owned a '71 Plus 8 for a very long time (miss it LOTS), and I always loved the alloys -- they were one of the distinguishing features of the Plus 8. Since the Roadster basically took over from the Plus 8 when the Rover V8 went away, IMO the Plus 8 alloy wheel is entirely appropriate -- and distinctive -- on a Roadster. It is a lot lighter than the wires, so the benefit to ride and handling is significant.


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Sunday 27th January 2013
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I went for wires and not regretted it at all, 10 years on they look as good as new. Far better looking than alloys, don't worry about rusting they are stainless steel nowadays.