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wanting to bye motorhome



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Tuesday 18th September 2012
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help needed been trawling though the adds on ebay and such im thinking of getting one like the idear of the yank rvs plenty of room fixed end bed all the gear you would need and so n so dont realy want too go above 30 ft dont mind petrol or diesel max buget is 10 grand any imput would be great any good english or otheres worth looking at many thanks


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Tuesday 18th September 2012
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Whatever you buy before you take the plunge get it damp tested or buy a damp tester yourself from a builders merchant/b and q and damp test all round the seams,windows,skylights and floor.

Most coachbuilt Motorhomes/RV's will leak and at your budget they will be quite elderley and with damp you wont see it,smell it or know its there until its rotted its way from the outside in so be carefull.

Apart from that just make sure you see everything working,particularly with the yank stuff as they are full of things you cant get bits for in this country and be aware that the yank stuff has a sewage tank that can be tricky to find anywhere to empty into in the uk.