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Trailer Brakes ???



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Tuesday 18th September 2012
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Just bought myself an ex council twin axle traler (Ifor Williams). I'm getting a jerking from the hitch when braking and reversing, I take it there will be some form of adjustment that may cure this ?? I hope !

Never worked on trailers before, but happy to get under and have a go.


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Wednesday 3rd October 2012
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If you are getting the trailor banging into the back of your vehicle it may mean that you either need to change the braking piston that is joined to the back of the towing hitch socket ,it operates the brake lever. Or you just need to adjust the brake linkage. Or both.

Go onto the williams website and put in your trailor type into the search. You should find a diagram of your brake layout.

You can order parts from your nearest dealer. Easy enough to work on.