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M3 Closure, Sat 22 Sept 2012

M3 Closure, Sat 22 Sept 2012



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Sunday 23rd September 2012
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Anyone have any idea what happened?

Closed Northbound near Jct 4A, 5/6 cars near central res, further line of cars further forward on hard shoulder. At least 1 ambulance and 2 fire crews at the tail end of the central res group. Surrey Police helicopter landed directly opposite my house, on Northbound carriageway, stayed for what seemed like ages. Southbound side traffic presumably held back to allow the chopper to land safely.

I couldn't help noticing, as having a helicopter land, virtually in your back garden, is hard to miss. Went up to nearby footbridge to have a look, plenty of others gawping too. I left them to it, as invariably, full closure, Police Officers photographing the road/vehicles, and the presence of a chopper are going to mean bad news for someone, and I wasn't in a position to offer help/influence the outcome. I hope that no-one was seriously hurt, or worse. There didn't seem to be any flames/overturned vehicles/serious damage from what I could tell, so hopefully anyone involved will recover fully.

Very eerie when the 24/7 sound of a busy Motorway falls silent, sends a chill through me, as the cause is almost always serious.