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Cooper S - bonnet/roof stripe ideas??

Cooper S - bonnet/roof stripe ideas??



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Monday 24th September 2012
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I've just found a Cooper S that I think I might buy. Went to look at it today and had a test drive - very impressed and really like how nippy and sharp it was to drive. I've been looking to get something fun that I can get my wife and baby daughter into and potter round or take for a blast down my local country roads.

It's in grey with black roof and mirrors. Please see pics below (only taken on my mobile so not the best quality).

Now I really fancy some stripes on it to make it feel a bit different but I need some ideas:-
Black or silver stripe(s)
One or two stripes?
Just on the bonnet or all over from front to back?

I quite like the idea of a viper stripe from front to back in silver?

If people can post pics it'll be much appreciated :O)

Hoping to collect the car this weekend if I can choose stripes by tomorrow morning!

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MX-5 Lazza

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Tuesday 25th September 2012
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Black or silver is a bit... predictable. I'd go for mid to dark red stripes smile


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Wednesday 26th September 2012
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I agree a dark red / burnt to dark orange could look ok. Or the opposite, an apple / lime green!? Note this is all in the head and not talented enough to photo edit!

Don't know where you would get your hands on those colours though.

Good luck with your purchase and enjoy.

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Thursday 27th September 2012
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Mini dealers usually have some magnetic backed sample stripes in various colours so could be worth asking them to try a few out on your car.