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XC 70 fault - who pays?

XC 70 fault - who pays?



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Friday 28th September 2012
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Am I in the right?
Have an 09 XC 70 with a further 2 years of extended warranty to run.
Approximately 2/52 after annual service a fault came up on the display saying "4 wheel drive failure contact dealer" or something similar. So we took it to dealer(who we'd bought it from)-reminded them it was under warranty and asked them to fix.
They couldn't and said it was probably a sensor which needed replaced which they would order and that in the interim the car was safe to drive.
A couple of days later the fault seemed to correct itself spontaneously so we contacted the dealer who said that was fine and no need for further work. The car has subsequently been fine. Now a month later we have been sent a bill for diagnosing the fault and told it is not covered by the warranty because no fault was found!!!!
Not terribly keen to pay since the car is under warranty and its not our fault that they couldn't find the fault which subsequently cleared of its own accord.
What would you do?


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Monday 1st October 2012
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Doesn't sound like they actually diagnosed anything.


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Monday 1st October 2012
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If the car has a Volvo SELEKT warranty on it then you should not have to pay anything. Volvo warranty don't pay dealers for diagnostic time so it looks like the dealer is trying to pass that cost to you, assuming they've not billed Volvo for any rectification work. The problem is many dealers now sell their cars with 3rd party aftermarket warranties to maximise their profit margins, so if it's not a SELEKT warranty then I've no idea who bears the cost(s) for diagnostic work with those.