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New key for Grande Punto?



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Thursday 11th October 2012
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Just bought a half decent 2007 Grande Punto (cheeeapppp) main problem with it being that the previous owner lost the main key (alarm fob with buttons etc) from dropping it down a drain. So i've only got the usual key, having to lock it manually is oh so 90's. So can I just wander into Fiat and order a new remote key? Any idea how much they're going to extract from me for the pleasure?


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Friday 12th October 2012
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You could google the nearest auto locksmith but I suspect it will around £150-£200 via main dealer to get the remote locking fob purchased and programmed sorted.

I have a 2004 Punto with only one key and was quoted over £200 to get another key cut as has to be programmed to the ECU. one of my Polski friends spoke to Fiat dealer in Poland who could do it at 1/2 that price but needed the ECU and original key to sort.


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Sunday 21st October 2012
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