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Cayenne Options?



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Friday 12th October 2012
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Been looking a cayennes online for a couple of weeks now. Looking to spend about 12k (maybe 15k for something special/low mileage/newer) and am leaning towards the early turbos. I'm struggling to find out what the real "options" on these were?! They all have massive spec as standard and most of the sellers seems to think these are all extras and so want a premium...

My must have spec, which all seems standard on the turbo (except the less than 60k mileage obviously smile)is:

less than 60k miles and full service history
Air suspension with PASM
Heated leather
front and rear parking
Dark colour (black, dark grey or blue)

Nice to haves are:

tow bar
Leather dash (not sure if this is standard?)
TV/DVD in the front or the headrests

What else is a nice to have? Or even better, any one have the early turbo options list?


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Saturday 13th October 2012
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Nice to have as far as I am concerned.

1. Memory Seats
2. Heated Seats front and rear ..............I have a bad back
3. Multifunction wheel and heated wheel
4. AutoDim mirror
5. Heated exterior mirrors

Pretty everything else you mention would be on my list.

I have a 2005 Turbo which has all this on, it is fabulous.

Cannot help with the Options list but sure someone will come and help


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Sunday 14th October 2012
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I used to own a Turbo, remembered the standard equipment was vast.. Even had a heated steering wheel!!

If you can get one for under £15k, that is some serious bang for your bucks... I paid over £40k for mine, some 6-7 years ago and calculated the list price with the additional options circ £100k....


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Sunday 14th October 2012
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Thanks for the replies. I found one that seems to have good spec although I'm not sure how much is true "extras"

The seats are electric and moved back when the engine switches off so I same they are the memory ones. Everything else is there except maybe auto dimming mirror... But as I drove in the day it's hard to tell! smile

however, I have thrown a spanner in the works after showing the mrs a 996 within the cayenne budget! banghead